A Collection of Schoenstatt Prayers



My Queen, my Mother, I give myself

entirely to you, and to show my devotion to you,

I consecrate to you this day

my eyes, my ears, my mouth, my heart,

my entire self without reserve.

As I am your own, my good Mother,

guard me and defend me

as your property and possession. Amen.



Holy Spirit,

you are the soul of my soul.

I humbly adore you.

Enlighten me, strengthen me,

guide me, comfort me.

Reveal your wishes to me

as far as this is in accordance

with the will of the Eternal Father.

Show me what Eternal Love wants of me.

Show me what I should do.

Show me what I should suffer,

Show me what I should humbly and

thoughtfully accept, bear and endure.

Holy Spirit, show me your will

and the will of the Father,

for I want my whole life to be nothing else

than a continuous, an everlasting yes

to the wishes, to the will of God,

the Eternal Father.


I trust your might, your kindness, Mother dear,

I do believe that you are always near.

Schoenstatt’s great Queen, O Mother mild,

I blindly trust in you and in your Child.



Mary, In the midst of the apostles you powerfully implore

the coming of the promised Spirit,

who transforms weak men and women

and directs the Church on the road to victory.

Open our souls for the Spirit of God

that he may change the course of the world.



Think in me, O Mother,

that my thoughts be clear and bright;

speak in me, O Mother,

that my speech be true and right;

work in me, O Mother,

my work is then well done;

then holy is my labor,

my rest a holy one.

You penetrate my being,

fill every part of me,

that all your ways and conduct

in me each one can see.



You know the way for me, you know the time,

into your hands I trustingly place mine.

Your plan is perfect, born of perfect love.

You know the way for me, that is enough.



Blessed be Jesus and Mary,

Forever more. Amen


More Schoenstatt prayers can be found in Heavenwards, the prayer book written by Fr. Kentenich while in Dachau.