Movement Branches 

The Schoenstatt Movement, under the guidance and protection of Our Blessed Mother, is dedicated to the moral and spiritual renewal of youth and families, of men and women of every walk of life. The League is the broad organization in Schoenstatt of those who make the aims of Schoenstatt their own, live its spirituality, and engage themselves apostolically according to their possibilities and state in life.

The League is the umbrella that brings together the different branches of the Schoenstatt Movement in a diocese. Entry into the league formally takes place when one makes the covenant of love or Schoenstatt’s consecration to Mary. One can belong to the league as an “associate member” or “member.” Please refer to the section on Schoenstatt Structure to learn about the other forms in which the Schoenstatt Movement is organized.

Through its many groups, course offerings, and family-oriented gatherings and retreats, the Schoenstatt Family of Austin makes a contribution to the Pastoral Plan of the Diocese of Austin providing a variety of activities for spiritually-grounded family life, on-going self-education, inner renewal, and practical everyday models for faith-filled living in every stage of life.

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