Mass Intentions 

It is the faithful tradition of the Church to pray for our loved ones.  Honor a loved one at a Mass offered by the Schoenstatt Fathers. Masses are said by a Schoenstatt Father, and are held within three months, although the exact time and place cannot be guaranteed.


1.  Mass for a Special Intention - Mass  for the living, to honor a loved one on a special occasion                   (birthday, anniversary, graduation, etc) or for a special need.

A Holy Mass Has Been Offered For You -- on the front   Mass Intention Card 5" x 6.5" with white envelope 

A Holy Mass Has Been Offered For You -- on the front 

Mass Intention Card 5" x 6.5" with white envelope 


I trust your might, your kindnesss, Mother dear,  I do believe that you are always near. Schoenstatt's great Queen,  O Mother mild,  I blindy trust in you and in your child.                                                                                                 Fr Jospeph Kentenich       

As a community of Schoenstatt Fathers,
we will say this prayer and offer a Holy Mass in the

Marian Shrine of Our Lady of Schoenstatt for

______________________________________ (Intentions)

of ______________________________________ (Name) 

united with all the Schoenstatt Shrines around the world.

 Requested by: __________________________________



2.  Memorial Mass Intention- for the repose of the soul of a deceased family member or friend. We invite those who have lost loved ones to permit us to join them in praying for those who have died – for those who are on their special journey to the Kingdom. 









The offering for the Mass is entirely up to you. The customary donation is $10.00 for each Mass, but you can donate more or less.



Please fill out the online form below to place your Mass intention. 

If you have any questions or concerns while making your donation online, please also feel free to contact us. Your information is submitted using industry standard encryption, safely and securely through a third party provider.



If you would like to mail in your offering you may download the Mass intention form and mail it in to the address on the form or  call us at 512.330.0602.  


Mass cards are available at the Movement house and may be picked up during visiting hours from 9:am - 8:00pm.  Please write in your mass intention in the mass intention book, leave your donation and take the card to be mailed. The Shrine guardian can assist you if you have any questions about the process. 



Mass intention to be offered for:
Mass intention to be offered for:
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Mass intention cards will be mailed to you to be completed and mailed by you to the individual or family member of the deceased. LEAVE BLANK if you do not wish to receive a card