Ladies of Schoenstatt  

The Secular Institute of Our Lady of Schoenstatt is one of the six institutes of consecrated life of the Schoenstatt Movement. The members, who are consecrated women, live in the midst of the world according to the evangelical counsels of poverty, obedience and chastity. Members work in different professional capacities in the world as well as within the Schoenstatt family.

After the Schoenstatt Sisters of Mary were founded in 1926, the desire to have a community of consecrated women working “in the world” arose. The first experience in this newly created form of life began with Maria Eugenia Mahringer and Fr. Joseph Kentenich in 1935, with whom he started the community. In 1938 the first statutes were drafted and the name "Our Lady of Schoenstatt " was given to this new community of women within Schoenstatt . The first Novitiate began 1941 and in 1949 the community began construction of its mother house, House Regina in Schoenstatt.

The Church's recognition was granted to the Community in May 31st, 1972 and in September 15, 1977 it was recognized  as a Secular Institute of Pontifical Right in accordance with Canons 710-730 of the 1983 CIC. The community has about 300 members, mainly in Europe and Latin America. The Ladies of Schoenstatt serve the women’s branches of the Schoenstatt Movement of Austin since 2007.

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