This year's piligrimage will be on March 30, 2018.Gather at St. Mary's Cathedral at 12:30pm for a send off blessing from Bishop Joe Vasquez.  Depart to the Shrine at 1:00pm.  Good Friday liturgy of the Lord's Passion is at 7:00pm  See route map below for pilgrimage route and stops.

Frequently Asked Questions FAQ*

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- What is the Good Friday Pilgrimage?

It is a 9 mile pilgrimage in solemn remembrance of our Lord's sacrifice for each one of us. Pilgrims from around the Diocese begin to gather downtown at 12:30pm at St. Mary Cathedral to receive a send-off blessing from Bishop Joe Vásquez and will depart at 1:00pm to begin the walk to the Marian Shrine of Our Lady of Schoenstatt.

- Where do I park?

You may park at the Shrine or in public parking downtown. We are not able to provide transportation to and from, so please make your own arrangement to get back to your car.

- Will you be stopping along the way?

We will stop to pray and meditate on the stations of the cross as well as stop for water and snacks.

- How long is it?

The pilgrimage is approximately 9 miles long. You may do all of it or a portion of it. Pilgrims may join us along the way. See the route map to see where you can join the group.

- Where exactly will it begin and end?

The pilgrimage will begin downtown at St Mary’s Cathedral, 203 E 10th St, Austin, TX 78701. The pilgrimage will end at the Marian Shrine of Our Lady of Schoenstatt, 225 Addie Roy Rd, Austin, TX 78746.

- What do I need to bring?

Snacks and water will be provided at the rest stops. Many pilgrims bring a water bottle to take with them along the way. Sunscreen, hat, comfortable clothes and shoes. Your phone, portions of the pilgrimage will be on Facebook Live so that allcan follow along with the songs and prayers.

- How long will it take?

We estimate 5 - 51/2 hours to walk the complete pilgrimage.

- Are you having a Good Friday liturgy?

Yes, the Good Friday service is scheduled for 7:00pm at the Shrine.

- What if I can’t make it the entire way?

Transportation will be available at the rest stops to take pilgrims to the Shrine. If you need to stop between rest stops contact someone on our first aid team and they will help you.

- I can’t make it at 1:00pm, can I join the group after they have started?

Yes, all are welcome to join. Please refer to the route map to see where the group will be walking.

- What do I do if I get hurt on the walk?

Contact someone from our first aid team. We will have several first aid certified people walking on the pilgrimage to assist all those who may need first aid. The first aid team will be easily identified by their first aid vest. Medical facilities along the route have been highlighted on the route map. Contact a first aid team member to assist you in getting to the closest facility if you feel like you need medical attention beyond basic first aid.

- Do I need to register?

No, all are welcome to join the pilgrimage. No registration is required.

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