Family Branch   

The Schoenstatt Family Branch was founded on July 16,1942 as one part of the Schoenstatt family movement along with the Family Federation and Family Institute. The family branch is composed of married couples and their children. The couples in the branch gather together on a regular basis to grow in their spiritual lives and their understanding of how to develop a spiritually-grounded family life. Couples spend time learning and discussing their Catholic faith, Schoenstatt spirituality, and how to practically live out what they have learned. Living out of Schoenstatt’s spirituality also helps the couple to reflect Mary and Joseph within their “Nazareth” family. Sometimes a book is used as a springboard for discussion. At other times, a Schoenstatt Father, in his role as branch moderator, is present to guide and assist couples. Retreats are held on a regular basis so that couples can spend time together meditating upon their calling as a couple and as a family.

Children generally participate in girls’ or boys’ youth groups where they can receive spiritual nourishment on a regular basis through prayer, games, and talks with their group leader.

Family Branch Leaders

Juan Carlos (JC) Gama and Matte Hudson or


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